Dawn B. Feinberg

Dawn B. Feinberg Yoga Instructor Founder

Dawn B. Feinberg

Yoga Instructor & Co-Founder


Yoga Instructor & Co-Founder of Ahana Yoga, Dawn Feinberg with over 15 years of experience leads Ahana Yoga Teacher Trainings all over the world. Being herself a strong practitioner of mysore ashtanga yoga, and trained in the lineage of jivamukti yoga, Dawn is able to impart a broad range of knowledge and highlight the essential things that teach the student needs to become the best teacher they can be.

She is appreciative to have studied under some of the best instructors in the world, including Sharon Gannon, David Life, Kelly Morris, Manorama, Loren Russo, Kino Mggregor and Nancy Gilgoff. She also offers her gratitude to her bhakti yoga teachers, the mayapuris, Krsna Kishhor Rico & Visvambhar Sheth. Dawn offer her deepest thanks to her parents, loving husband and sweet sweet son Kai and daughter Nava.